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Welcome TALER!

P.S.: is proud to be part of the TALER European Consortium that aims to deploy GNU Taler, the Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserves across the Eurozone.

Why embrace TALER?

GNU Taler responds to frequently expressed needs within our community with regard to funding free software, receiving donations, handling micro-payments.

Who should know what you read, where you go, what medication you take, and other such personal data?

In this prospect we will facilitate work on specific implementations to integrate GNU Taler with other free software that respect humans, our rights, privacy and dignity; among others: privacy-preserving online sales for books, events, e-Health and other services.

Why now? Why in Europe?

With Europe currently taking crucial decisions regarding digital currency (Digital Euro + Right to Cash) and identification (Digital ID), this moment in history offers a unique opportunity to create a public digital infrastructure, based on free software and open standards, positioning itself against extractive multinational corporations willing to take over the very core of our public infrastructure.

GNU Taler is the only serious candidate alternative to existing global market payment solutions and, contrary to them, GNU Taler supports EU values: it's free software implementing open standards to guarantee a fair, transparent and sovereign technology; it provides auditable, therefore taxable sales, while preserving anonymity of the buyer.

What's the plan?

From December, 1st, 2023, over the next 36 months petites singularités will lead community-building work to integrate GNU Taler with free software and open-hardware projects willing to implement secure digital payment. Within this scope, petites singularités will operate the TALER Integration Community Hub to facilitate socially inclusive adoption of NGI payment technology GNU Taler, notably by stakeholders from the independent book sector, e-Health sector (with eSeniors), and the free software ICT supply chain (with NLnet).

What you can do

The TALER Integration Community Hub is open to the public since March 1st 2024. Please introduce yourself and share what brings you here!

Stay tuned!

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