Hi, this is hellekin!

Nomadic raver, interstitial resistor, infinitesimal shifter, peripheral vision, etc.
Annoying troublemaker with fast autofocus and terapixel resolution.

(·) Christopher Adams shot this portrait during the Cost of Freedom book sprint in November 2015.

My name means kin of Hell, and apparently my main purpose in this world is to lead dead soldiers from the battlefield to Hell where they can rot in pieces for eternity. That said, I'm an atheist and find the Church an institution as good as Nation-States and greedy Corporations: if there is a Hell, it's all because of their hateful and ludicrous behaviors, and it's not something to fear, but to get rid of.

I'm a co-founder of petites singularités, a non-profit grassroots research-action, artist and hacker collective based in Brussels, interested in collective practices and free technologies. With this organization I'm an NGI0 Mentor for free software and OSHW hackers funded by the NGI0 consortium. Together with Moritz Bartl from the Center for Cultivation of Technology (of which I'm an advisory board member), we published Resources for Free Software to document best practices. I publish the THX collection.

In the past I was more involved with the Dyne.org Foundation and the hackerspaces community, and volunteered with the GNU project as a webmaster and GNU maintainer of the GNU consensus, the first non-software GNU project, an umbrella to facilitate coordination of free software social networking projects to encourage freedom, privacy, public space, and decentralization. In a past life, I used to seed cybercafes, and work for French IT companies doing software development and network-related research from the late 90s.


I use a lot my original avatar design...

We have freed our wings to reach infinity

You probably have seen my name with a variation of (·). It embodies the quote above. Here is a sample of where you may find it:

Praise Craze

There's something about me that does not leave indifferent. I've been called a "censor of Facebook", a "discriminator of GMAFIA1, or a "gatekeeper of the Internet" — some people grant me superpowers! So I guess I have the superpower of Retournement which means that I may be able to single-handledly turn a huge organization upside-down.

Social Media

Social networking is what remains between us when there is no more electricity.

If you do have electricity, you can reach out using various means: