A reader for 'Ultra Gauche'

And the dear citizens in charge of watching us.


Walking the path of least resistance, down the river to an ocean of unknowns, under the guise of a night sky falsely enlightened by random figures that live only in our ears and eyes, our guts, & the kind memories of our ancestors.

On the occasion of the TransHackMeeting happening on august 2018 in Tarnac, we gather with the intention to crossthink the organisation of our third technoscape, its structural difference, its capacity for change.

This reader assembles book excerpts from authors that we think can help understanding our current situation and bring up alternative thought susceptible to transform our relation to technologies and ourselves in ways that support life and defend common values of autonomy and subsidiarity, solidarity with and respect of self, others, and living nature. Who ye cometh here with agency, embrace the shadows that bringeth perspective to the shiny veil of illusion and engineered boredom. Hush! Hush! Already you're free.